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Ceramic mini paint mixing palette. Handmade in Somerset from earthenware clay sourced from Stoke-on-Trent. Finished in a glossy speckle glaze. The palm sized palette with four shallow wells is perfect for mixing watercolour or gouache colours out in nature. It must be said that the cute mini palette also make an adorable addition to any artist's desk.


LILIAN MAY is a small creative studio that uses traditional crafts and natural materials to make handmade and plastic-free art supplies.


The founder's grandmother, Lilian May, was always the one who brought the family together, so the business today reflects that. The family team makes each piece by hand in the Somerset studio. Each individual item's label is signed by the makers.


The small business has an online community that paints together in regular paint-alongs. The goal at LILIAN MAY is to encourage everyone to take time out of their everyday life to focus mindfully on a creative practice.


Size 8 x 6cm


  • 10 well ceramic palette 13.5 x 9 cm

    Ceramic Earthenware with Speckle Glaze

    Handmade in our Somerset studio

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