house portrait bricks_edited.jpg


Charles Dickens House A4.jpg

This our third 'paint together' tutorial in a series exploring every aspect of painting a house portrait by painting the beautiful home of Charles Dickens.


In this tutorial we'll cover Roofs, Bricks & Mortar, Windows, Doors and Depth. It will be a great way to get a good all-round work out of  the skills needed to create a gorgeous house portrait! I can't wait to see you there!


WATch live Saturday 27th

nov 12:00 Instagram live


Sketch (you can download mine for free if you like) on watercolour paper.


Watercolours, we'll just need three.

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Umber

Yellow Ochre


No 2 round head watercolour brush (or similar)

Scrap paper


Rag or kitchen paper

Paint palette (you can you a white plate)

A1A1 matchbox open rust.jpg
house portrait bricks_edited.jpg

I can't wait to join you on my Instagram Page for the next live tutorial! Lot's of love, Will