house portrait bricks_edited.jpg




Sketch (you can download mine for free if you like) on watercolour paper.


Watercolours, we'll just need three.

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Umber

Yellow (Cadmium, Naples or Raw Sienna)


No 2 round head watercolour brush (or similar)

Scrap paper


Rag or kitchen paper

Paint palette (you can you a white plate)

7 Finborough Road, London was actually house of Richard Doyle the wonderful illustrator and cartoonist, his work frequently appeared, amongst other places, in Punch magazine. 

    The beautiful building was also where the teenage Arthur lives when visiting London for the first time as a teenager.

    Creativity was certainly very strong in the Doyle family. I hope you'll join me as we hone our creative skills painting this magnificent house.


I can't wait to join you on my Instagram Page for the next live tutorial! Lot's of love, Will