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This our third 'paint together' tutorial in a series exploring every aspect of painting a house portrait by painting the beautiful home of Charles Dickens.


In this tutorial we'll cover Roofs, Bricks & Mortar, Windows, Doors and Depth. It will be a great way to get a good all-round work out of  the skills needed to create a gorgeous house portrait! I can't wait to see you there!


WATch live Saturday 27th

nov 12:00 Instagram live


Sketch (you can download mine for free if you like) on watercolour paper.


Watercolours, we'll just need three.

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Umber

Yellow Ochre

Sap Green


No 2 round head watercolour brush (or similar)

Scrap paper


Rag or kitchen paper

Paint palette (you can you a white plate)

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house portrait bricks_edited.jpg

I can't wait to join you on my Instagram Page for the next live tutorial! Lot's of love, Will